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Northwest UAV (NWUAV) is a Tier 1 engine supplier for unmanned aerial vehicle systems that are currently in use with many elements of the DOD and several NATO countries. NWUAV specializes in UAV propulsion system production and testing across all classes of air, land and sea unmanned systems. NWUAV is an AS9100/ISO9001 Certified supplier.

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Northwest UAV Begins Development on a New UAV Engine for 2017 –
the NW-88 Twin-Cylinder Multi-Fuel Engine

NW-88 Multi-Fuel Twin-Cylinder Engine | 2017 New Engine Development

Northwest UAV is now developing a NW-88 Twin-Cylinder Multi-Fuel Engine for 2017. Using design elements from the NW-44 Engine, the NW-88 Engine will bring the world class NWUAV reliability and efficiency to a new category of aircraft.

McMinnville, Oregon April 19, 2017 Northwest UAV (NWUAV) has initiated development of their new NW-88 Twin-Cylinder Multi-Fuel UAV propulsion system based on the proven, ground up design of NWUAV's own NW-44. The NW-88 engine will offer the same reliability, endurance and efficiency of the NW-44 engine to larger, heavier UAVs in the industry.

NW-44 Engine Hits Noteworthy Milestone of Over 1000 Combat Flight Hours

NW-44 Multi-Fuel Engine | 1000 Milestone Combat Flight Hours

The Northwest UAV NW-44 Engine – the only cutting edge propulsion system ever developed for small unmanned aerial systems – has now successfully logged over 1000 combat flight hours, demonstrating its unique value to the UAS community by changing what’s possible with small UAVs.

McMinnville, Oregon April 18, 2017 In just a few years, from concept to first flight, the Northwest UAV NW-44 Multi-Fuel Engine has reached the noteworthy milestone of logging over 1000 combat flight hours. This milestone demonstrates the unique value the NW-44 Engine and Northwest UAV team bring to the unmanned aerial systems community.

NWUAV Signs Distributorship Agreement with NASAM

NW-44 Propulsion System

NWUAV Propulsion Systems Available Now In Japanese Market

McMinnville, Oregon December 16, 2015 Northwest UAV (NWUAV), the largest manufacturer of UAV propulsion systems, announced today that it has formed a distributorship agreement with NASAM, a Greenwich Aerogroup Company. The agreement includes the distribution of NWUAV’s NW-44 UAV propulsion system, components, and services to the Japanese market. Under this agreement NASAM will be the primary provider of products, services, and support in Japan, and will strengthen NWUAV’s position as a global company.

Northwest UAV NW-44 Propulsion System Sets Altitude Records

NW-44 Propulsion System

Small UAV Propulsion System Concludes Flight Testing

McMinnville, Oregon, August 21, 2015 Northwest UAV (NWUAV) is pleased to announce the completion of over 100 hours of rigorous flight testing with the NW-44 engine, setting a new altitude record for small normally aspirated unmanned propulsion systems in the process. “The engine performed very well and exceeded expectations on every metric, especially on performance and fuel economy.” said NWUAV President and Owner Chris Harris. “The aircraft flew a typical mission profile (twelve hours of operation) consuming less than five liters of heavy fuel. A lot of effort went into eliminating weight and parasitic drag in the design, which pays dividends for our customers in mission endurance.”

Brican Lifts Off with NWUAV

Brican's TD100 UAS paired with NWUAV's NW-44 Engine

McMinnville, Oregon May 5, 2015 One look is all it takes to realize the TD100 Unmanned Aircraft System is different. Every aspect of this meticulous machine looks and feels like a real aircraft, and that’s because it is one. In an industry where off-the-shelf systems are being promoted as breakthroughs, where hobbyist parts are being cobbled together and labelled “UAS” - the TD100 comes with an unparalleled pedigree, thanks to Brian Eggleston and Brian McLuckie of Brican.

RCV Engines Ltd. Partners with NWUAV

RV20 Inline Fuel Heavy-Fuel Engine

McMinnville, Oregon May 5, 2015 NWUAV and RCV Engines Ltd. have entered into a partnership agreement culminating in the issue of a marketing and manufacturing license to NWUAV to further the pursuit of UAS applications of RCV’s engine technology . In addition NW UAV will become RCV’s production and services supplier, to include technical support, integration and maintenance. The manufacturing license agreement will enable NWUAV to market RCV UAV engines on a global basis with RCV supporting the development of new engine variants.

NWUAV Sets the Bar with First Flight of UAV Engine

NW-44 Small UAV Propulsion System

McMinnville, Oregon May 4, 2015 NWUAV, leading supplier of small unmanned propulsion systems, announced today that the company’s innovative NW-44 UAV engine has successfully completed the first round of flight tests with an undisclosed launch customer. “The NW-44 exceeded our expectations. We are very happy with the performance of this system and are excited to bring this key technology to the UAV market.” said President Chris Harris.

First Commercial UAV Propulsion System Approved For Export

COTS NW-44cc EFI/HFE Side View

McMinnville, Oregon February 11, 2015 NWUAV announced today the initial shipment of their NW-44cc Fuel Injected engine to an undisclosed foreign customer. This is the first of three customers that have signed up for the COTS 44cc Multi-fuel engine that has been in development for three years. This is the first commercially available propulsion system designed from the ground up specifically for UAV applications. The dual ignition engine and associated components are all self-contained in a common assembly that includes the ECU, Ignition Modules, a 310 watt Generator, its associated Control Unit, and the Engine Vibration Isolation mount.

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