CFD Acoustic Air Flow Testing

Acoustical & Computational Fluid Dynamics Testing

NWUAV utilizes a suite of hardware and software tools to develop, tune, test and validate from the component level to complete systems, from research and development stages through production.

NWUAV's CFD and Acoustical analysis tools coupled with an experienced team will work with you to hone the performance of your design and realize the efficiencies you need in your component or complete system.

Computational Fluid Dynamics

NWUAV utilizes a suite of software to set up a flow problem, solve it, and extract the information needed to optimize your design. The software offers an extensive list of user defined flow parameters to more accurately model and simulate the flow field and can be utilized in:

  • Investigative Analysis – A valuable tool to answer questions early in the design process.
  • Validating Designs – CFD data will help validate the design before cutting molds or making prototypes.
  • Optimization – Helps to fine-tune the design to increase efficiency.
  • Detailed Information – "Numerical sensors" provide flow properties

Acoustical Testing

CFD Nondetectability Chart
Click here for larger view of chart.

NWUAV utilizes a 1/24th octave Real Time Analyzer to visualize and record sound energy in a sound controlled room. Data provided by this system helps determine how "loud" a system is, and where in the frequency spectrum the highest levels of noise exist. The data can also be extrapolated to determine acoustical detectability per MIL-STD-1474D.

VPP Acoustic Testing

Acoustic Testing for Particle Traces