Mobile Engine Test Stand

Lease or Rent the Mobile Engine Test Stand

NWUAV will deliver the test stand to you anywhere you need to test. We can custom design it for different engine applications or to your specifications.

Engine configurations can accommodate twin cylinder, single cylinder, and rotary engines.

The LabVIEW NWUAV DAQ software included with the laptop is used to control and monitor the running engine, and can be configured for specific engine and/or targeted diagnostic tests.

Mobile Engine Test Stand Capabilities

MTS Laptop

The following are some of the analysis and testing that can be performed:

  • UAV engine tuning and pre-flight qualification
  • Engine durability testing
  • Engine endurance testing
  • Engine performance testing
  • Exhaust analyzers – 5 gas
  • Fuel flow transmitters – minimum 1cc/min
  • Engine fuel mapping
  • In-Cylinder pressure mapping @ 100 KHz when properly equipped (custom option)
  • FAR 33 endurance testing