Cast Pattern Muffler

NWUAV Rapid Parts Manufacturing Services

NWUAV uses Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) for the rapid, additive manufacturing process for any design. With rapid response to any change, our rapid prototyping and reverse engineering capabilities will build or re-build any existing part rapidly.

NWUAV can take conceptual ideas and with in-house rapid manufacturing and prototype technology, build it fast and deliver it to you, ready to test, form, fit, and function – and not just propulsion, but any part – for any industry.

Additive Manufacturing (SLS) Equipment

EOSINT P 390 – for printing high-quality nylon parts, patterns for plaster, and investment casting.

EOSINT P 730 – in addition to the uses above parts are suited for use with fuels and other aggressive substances.

SLS 3D Printed Parts

EOSINT P 760 – with this machine’s increased capacity it’s exceptional for use in serial production, spare parts and functional prototypes.

Additive Manufacturing (SLS) Materials

There are many materials available and most are specialized and/or derivations of nylon. We are constantly expanding our capabilities to better serve our customers. Custom blends are available by special order. Post-Processing techniques available include various finishing options, dyes, paints and inserts.