UAV Engine Testing Screen

UAV Propulsion System Testing Services

NWUAV validates the finished product utilizing engine run-in stations and various Dyno's to qualify the design elements to the client's specifications – so you get the best propulsion system for your application.

NWUAV's capability to control the environment during the testing and design phase reduces test flight risk significantly, saving a substantial amount of time, money and resources.

NWUAV works with several electric motor manufacturers like Joby Motors, and Apex Drive labs, to produce propulsion systems for electric aircraft. Currently working with the Army on an electric aircraft design.

Test Cell Capabilities

Prop Dyno

NWUAV also offers its customers advanced testing and analysis for UAV engines. The following is a partial list of some of the analysis & testing that is performed for current customers:

  • Engine durability testing
  • Environmental temperature controlled altitude vacuum chamber
  • Engine endurance testing
  • Accessories testing – pumps/fuel tanks/injectors/camera's and more
  • Exhaust analyzers – 5 gas
  • Fuel flow transmitters – minimum 1cc/min.
  • Engine fuel mapping
  • In-Cylinder pressure mapping @ 100 KHz
  • Propeller dyno
  • Propeller noise characterization per
    mil standard 1474D
  • FAR 33 endurance testing
  • FAR 35 based propeller testing
  • Mass airflow flow bench
  • Engine break-in stations with digital
    acquisition systems
  • Small engine dyno
  • Large engine dyno (65 hp)
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