UAV Fuel Injection Systems

The Northwest UAV Fuel Injection System includes the new SW1.0 Engine Control Unit

This novel UAV ECU is purpose-built for Unmanned Applications; the lightweight & compact design facilitates future aircraft upgrades, including FAA Certification.

NWUAV SW1.0 Engine Control Unit (ECU)

  • Programmable fuel and ignition control for up to 2 cylinders
  • User friendly tuning software
  • 3X3X1 footprint
  • 400grams
  • Reliable MIL standard connecter
  • EMI shielded
  • Dedicated MAP, TPS, intake air temperature, cylinder head temperature,
    AFR, Hall sensor, and EGT
  • PID loop controlled fuel pump
  • 4 generic analog inputs
  • 4 generic digital outputs
  • 3 generic digital inputs
  • Extensive diagnostic functions
  • PID loop cooling setup
  • CDI or Inductive ignition compatible
  • 250hrs of data logging
  • Ethernet communication
  • Easily configurable daughter boards to allow additions for specific applications
  • 100% Made in the USA