NWUAV Heavy-Fuel Engine Conversions

NWUAV is skilled in converting commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) engines
for operation using heavy fuels including; JET A, C10, JP5 & JP8.

Our Propulsion Engineers & Technicians utilize a three phased approach that limits risk and give a go-no-go decision point
at conclusion of each phase:

  1. Baseline testing of proposed engine core (C10 Fuel, JP5 or JP8) for development of a Heavy Fuel Propulsion Unit
  2. Development & Manufacturing of a base heavy fuel engine and associated components for engine testing at NWUAV
  3. Build of prototype units for customer testing and integration

NWUAV has the expertise & experience working
with several OEM Engine manufacturers including:

Heavy Fuel Engine Conversion Services Includes:

  • Engine & Cylinder Head Temperature (CHT) Systems
  • Muffler systems – Low Noise
  • Vibration Isolation System; includes PMU mounting interface to airframe
  • Connectors to interface PMU to airframe
  • Engine Board / Engine Control Unit (ECU)
  • Intake systems for fuel and air
  • Sensor Interface for Cylinder Head Temperature (CHT), Inlet Air Temperature,
    Manifold Air Pressure (MAP), or others as indicated by the PMU
  • Propeller, Propeller Mounting Hardware & Interface
  • Electric Fuel Injection or Electronic Altitude Compensating Carburetion systems
  • Ignition systems
  • Generator Systems & Generator Control Boards
  • EMI Enclosures
  • Wiring Harnesses & Connectors
  • NWUAV has the ability to supply a Secure IP address so testing in Oregon, USA
    can be observed and manipulated from a remote location.