NWUAV Research and Development Advantage

Chris Harris President of NWUAV

NWUAV offers sophisticated on-site research and testing capabilities. Beyond NWUAV proven designs, our experienced staff of experts can research, prototype and test existing or new design concepts.

“Engine development is critical and spending month’s or maybe years, working on a propulsion solution for your Unmanned system can get very expensive if you don’t select good vendors and suppliers from the start.

We have gone through several of both and settled on a select few that are responsive, resourceful and challenge driven. When you combined our alliance’s strengths with our in house resources, manufacturing and testing capabilities – the end result will be an engine solution that meets or beats your needs with in a very reasonable time frame.”

- Chris Harris President/Owner NWUAV

Research & Development facilities and equipment include:

Generator Test Stand
  • Engine dynamometers for small engine characterization
  • Sound booth which is utilized for noise characterization of engines and propellers
  • Altitude chamber
  • 5 Gas exhaust analyzer’s
  • Fuel flow transmitters
  • Environmental chamber
  • 69 Engine run-in stations utilized for fully automated engine break in procedures

In an effort to improve our products and develop new markets, Northwest UAV continues to invest in research and development.

Small Engine Dyno Testing