Compact Radial Engines MZ175

Compact Radial Engines

When weight to power ratio is critical MZ 2-stroke engines come to rescue. Ranging from 18 hp to 85 hp our line of 2-strokes offers choices for almost any application. Engine choices will satisfy the most demanding UAV requirement.

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MZ175 (175cc) Single Cylinder

MZ 175 is designed for mulitple applications. Its crankcase, support brackets, cylinder head and redrive have been quality machined on state of the art CNC equipment in Canada. Its exhaust has been designed and fabricated by Italian craftsmen and its cylinder head has Compact Radial Engines unique proprietary design which allows this tiny motor to develop enormous torque at high RPMs.

Compact Radial Engines MZ202

MZ202 (626cc) 2-Cylinder Inline

The powerful, lightweight MZ202 engine is the result of a union of space age materials, innovative design and state of the art manufacturing methods. A Nikasil bore gives each engine a long life without adding unnecessary weight. The ignition system is fully electronic for maximum reliability and minimum maintenance. Powerful 180 to 2500 Watt alternator choices provide ample power for all requirements. The MZ202 features dual carburetors or EFI. All models are supplied complete with electric starter, wiring harness and exahust system.

Compact Radial Engines Specifications

  Model MZ175 Model MZ202
Manufacturer Compact Radial Engines
Type 1-cylinder/2-stroke, PPG 2-cylinder Inline/2-stroke with gearbox and clutch
Displacement 175 cc 626 cc
Bore   76 mm
Stroke   69 mm
Rotation Counterclockwise Anti-clockwise from PTO
Starter Recoil or Electric Electric
Output 26.5 hp @ 8300 rpm 60 hp @ 5800 rpm
Carburator Walbro or EFI Bing or EFI
Reduction 2.47 : 1 Ratio’s available (gear box) 2.18, 2.55, 2.88, 3.11,
3.66 to 1
Engine Weight 33 lbs with exhaust 87 lbs / 40 kg with reduction, electric starter, exhaust
Exhaust Tuned Tuned and Low Noise available
Cooling Air Direct drive forced fan system
Ignition   Double electronic
Fuel Metering Carborator or EFI Dual carburetors
(Bing 54 Standard)
Generator   180 to 2500 Watts
Max. Brake Output   ~60 HP @ 5800RPM
Max. Permissable RPM   6250 RPM
Lubrication   Oil (Castrol TTS) in
unleaded gas 50:1

Compact Radial Engines MZ175
Compact Radial Engines MZ202