Low Noise Propellers for UAV

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Variable Pitch | Constant Speed Propeller Systems

Variable Pitch Propeller systems have been available for larger aircraft for years, and now small UAVs can benefit from this technology. The NWUAV Variable Pitch System system can be bolted onto any engine that is strong enough to turn it and utilize the benefits of variable pitch. The ability to custom design this system ensures that the customer gets the proper blades with the required length and twist. Optimized engine performance with lower engine speeds, added launch thrust and a decrease in acoustic signature, makes this system an excellent choice for small UAVs

Low Noise Propeller CMM

Low Noise Propeller Design and Construction

The NWUAV low noise propeller design code is now available as fixed-pitch propeller, ground adjustable, or a variable-pitch / constant speed design. These are manufactured in various blade configurations for specialized needs.

Material Choices Include: Fast-turn Carbon-fiber Laser Sintered Material, Hard Rock Maple Laminate, Carbon Fiber, and a Maple / Carbon Fiber hybrid.

VPP Acoustic Testing