Pegasus Actuator

Pegasus Servo Actuators

PEGASUS Servo Actuators are installed in industrial and remotely controlled employments where exceptional precision and reliability are imperative.

NWUAV is the United States distributor for the Pegasus UAV Servo Actuator product line. Pegasus Actuators offers a wide range of affordable servo actuators for multiple rotary and fixed wing UAV applications from 30 up to 1000 lbs. MTOW (maximum takeoff weight).

  • Gear-train service lifetime is improved by means of a dependable oil bath lubrication
  • Actuators are shielded to minimize EMI/RFI susceptibility and magnetic interference
  • Vibration tolerance is enhanced
  • Aerospace specified connectors are incorporated
  • Internal pc-board design and manufacturing complies with IPC-A-600 Class 3
Pegasus Actuator

PEGASUS servo actuators are electromechanical drive units of extraordinary power density, precision and reliability.

Actuator features include:

  • Rugged water and dust protected aluminum case that comprises a robust steel reduction geartrain, a BLDC or DC motor, and a micro controller managed pc-board.
  • Precision sensor coupled to the output shaft that closes the contol loop. PEGASUS servo actuators can either be operated by PWM signal with TTL level, differential PWM signal (RS485 transceiver) or RS485 data protocol.
  • All Pegasus servo actuators come with state-of-the-art "PA-ME" contactless-angle-sensor allowing for ±90° deflection angle, alternative angles on request.
  • Optional integrated slip clutch - "PA-SC" to protect the gear train against destructive shock loads.
  • Identically aligned output shafts.
  • Specified for an operating voltage of 18 - 32 Volt. Alternative voltages on request.

Northwest UAV Propulsion Systems Data Sheet