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The first commercially available Variable Pitch Propeller (VPP) for small UAS. This VPP is extremely reliable and virtually maintenance free. Designed to be used in 2-/4-stroke piston, rotary and electric propulsion systems.

NWUAV's newest Variable Pitch Propeller Systems is designed for sUAS and now features an all-electric actuation system. Originally designed for the small, light aircraft industry (engines from 80-300 hp), the NWUAV VPP system has been adapted for use with smaller engines, such as those for the UAV industry.

Constant speed propeller systems have been available for larger aircraft for years, and now small UAVs can benefit from this technology. The NWUAV system can be bolted onto any engine that is strong enough to turn it and utilize the benefits of variable pitch. NWUAV has the ability to custom design low noise propeller blades for the customer's application. This ensures that the customer gets the proper blades with the required length and twist.

The system is designed to meet or exceed applicable FAA and ASTM construction and safety standards and for safety, high performance, reliable and maintenance free operation. Categorically the NWUAV Variable Pitch Propeller System is the lightest weight unit on the market and one of the first systems designed for use on UAVs.

NWUAV designs propeller blades and variable pitch propeller systems for Small Unmanned Vehicles that will:

UAV Variable Pitch Propeller
  • Expand on-station duration for small UAV’s
  • Optimize engine performance by enabling lower RPM engine speeds
  • Increase thrust for launch
  • Decrease acoustic signature with improved blade design and the ability to change pitch

These improvements will add capability to the air vehicle in the theater of operation by increasing the time on station for small UAVs and in decreasing the acoustic signature of these aircraft so that detection is reduced and these aircraft can fly closer to their target.

The NWUAV Variable Pitch Propeller has been designed for ease of use in field operations with universally interchangeable and easy to replace blades. The reverse thrust capabilities translates to steeper descent and shorter runway landings. Custom blade and blade retention design means reduced weight for your UAS application.

VPP Specifications

VPP 5 blade Propeller
VPP 5 Blade Propeller
Manufacturer Northwest UAV
Electric Motor 17.4hp @ 4800 rpm
Max RPM 5500
Weight lbs/kg 5.9 lbs/2.67619 kg
Blades 3 Blades
Blade Style 31.5" Ellipse
Pitch Range + or -9° from Nominal
Reverse Thrust down to -9° Pitch
Feather Full Commanded Feather
Time to Feather from Nominal <15 s
Communications Across Inductive Gap Wireless
Max Power Transfer 6W
Testing FAR 35 Based Propeller Testing
Rotational Inertia ~39 lb*in^2

Variable Pitch Propeller