Altitude Chamber with Engine Dyno

Propulsion System Services

NWUAV services include manufacturing, testing, diagnostic capabilities, engineering, 3D Printing, and CNC machining.

NWUAV designs and manufactures UAV small engines, components and propellers. We also provide diagnostic testing services such as engine dyno, prop dyno, endurance and environmental testing. Our manufacturing services includes 3D laser sintering (LS) printing systems that manufacture lightweight products (cooling shrouds, fuel tanks, and other parts) of any complexity directly from CAD data; as well as in house machining services, available are a variety of vertical mill CNC machine centers and lathes.

We excel in high volume UAV system production management and focus on several areas of expertise including:

  • Wire harness and electrical component manufacturing services
  • Carbon fiber propeller design and manufacturing
  • Propeller noise and torque characterization
  • Noise and torque characterization
  • Engine vibration isolation/characterization
  • Engine engineering, development and design
  • Environmental testing with altitude, temperature and humidity control up to 40,000 feet
Propeller Dyno Configured for Acoustic Testing