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NWUAV Rapid Engineering Services

NWUAV's engineering capability eliminates weeks in the design and validation phases. Utilizing the latest in available software highly trained and skilled engineers will help to refine and shape any idea or design, making it production ready.

Beyond the SWAP (Size, Weight and Power) Specializing in unmanned system propulsion design our engineers are familiar with the normal trade-offs required when designing for unmanned air vehicles. Many considerations need to be made specifically for the UAV industry including detectability, vibration transmission, lifecycle costs and deployed footprint minimization.

Our total lifecycle approach includes modular concept for design and development, with attention to manufacturability, and an emphasis on low impact maintainability.

With our state of the art testing facilities our world class test engineers and specialists design qualification and acceptance tests, and perform noise reduction and detectability analysis. This ensures that your flight program will be a profitable and predictable success.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Specialists in each aspect of unmanned design

Software developed by SolidWorks® allows NWUAV's engineers to take a concept and develop a prototype, evaluate and refine it as needed to produce final production ready designs.

Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Precision Circuit & Electrical Systems

Altium Designer® provides our engineers a single unified solution for the entire design process. NWUAV uses all the latest technologies to design and develop circuit and electrical systems with precision.

Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace Engineering

Experts in flight and propulsion dynamics

With the HyperWorks® suite of analysis tools we can understand the dynamics of your system to help ensure success with your total design.

Our engineers use the Ellippse method of propeller design to get the highest possible propeller efficiency at the lowest possible acoustic detectability for your specific application.

Aerospace Engineering


Experts in heavy fuel combustion dynamics

With access to the latest combustion dynamics software suites from Ricardo™, NWUAV understands how to optimize your system for operation on heavy-fuels.

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