Custom Engine Test Cell CAD

Custom Engine Test Cell (CETC)

The Custom Engine Test Cell (CETC) is completely self-contained and customizable to meet your specific requirements. The CETC is available in twenty or forty feet container lengths and contains a single engine test stand.

The CETC is completely contained and has wall sound dampening insulation. The CETC can be housed inside or outside of your facility with the appropriate ductwork. For larger airframes optional hatches can be provided which allow engine testing with the entire airframe. We will deliver and setup worldwide and train your personnel.

CETC Fuel System and Panel

Custom Engine Test Cell

System Components

Fuel System - The fuel system is low pressure
gravity feed system compatible for use with gasoline
and heavy-fuels.

Cooling System - The cooling system consists of two heavy duty blowers.

Exhaust - The purpose of the fan is to remove the exhaust from the CETC.

Exhaust Gas Analyzer System (optional) -
The gas analyzer system is capable of measuring four gases; carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2), hydrocarbons (HC), and oxygen (O2).

Camera System - The camera system consists of four pan tilt zoom (PTZ) cameras and a DVR.

Safety System - The CETC is equipped with emergency stops that disable fuel and ignition to
the engine.

Remote Operation - Allows control of the CETC from virtually any location.

CETC DAQ Control Panel

CETC Front View


The CETC Data Acquisition (DAQ) system includes a LabVIEW based operator control panel with selectable sample rates.

Fuel Flow
Ambient Pressure
Ambient Temperature
Relative Humidity
Exhaust Gas Temperature
Cylinder Head Temperature
Brake Specific Fuel Consumption (BSFC)
In-Cylinder Pressure Mapping
Exhaust Gas Carbon Monoxide
Generator Electronic Loading
Optional Build
Side Hatches*
* Hatches in the side of the CETC allow the customer to
place their entire airframe into the CETC for testing.