NW-44 EFI/HFE and NW-38

Our Line of UAV Products Will Get Your Propulsion System Going in Record Time. We Have Done the Research, We Have Done the Testing. We Will Build It, Test It, and Deliver It to You Ready to Fly.

From single parts, to entire propulsion systems, and innovative defense networks – our focus is engines, parts, and support solutions for any UAV or Unmanned System.

NWUAV regularly produces 150-200 turn-key engine systems per week. Our master data list management software allows us to produce high volume output with strict quality control. With our complete line of UAV products your system will be flying in record time.

NW-44 Multi-Fuel Engine

Billet Engine

UAV Propulsion Systems

Northwest UAV builds UAV engines and support systems for all UAV propulsion needs. If it can be designed, NWUAV will build it -- for air, land or sea.

NWUAV builds Heavy-Fuel Engines (HFEs) for UAVs:

  • Designed for use in high altitude/long endurance aircraft
  • Scalable for use in various classes of aircraft & multiple fuel types
  • Dramatically enhance engine system performance
  • Manufactured entirely in the USA

Propeller Blades

UAV Propellers

NWUAV propeller systems are adjustable depending on the theater of operation and altitude. When the systems is combined with a FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control), a Variable Pitch System gives the UAV operator increased efficiencies not available with fixed pitched propellers. Longer flight times and stealthier operations are two of the benefits realized with this bolt-on solution.

Genset Generator


NWUAV designs and manufactures efficient and high performance generator systems that take advantage of recent advances in small lightweight high speed internal combustion engines which include unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) engines built by NWUAV in McMinnville, Oregon.


SW1.0 Engine Control Unit (ECU) & Fuel Injection System (EFI)

NWUAV has purpose-designed the SW1.0 ECU exclusively for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. The SW1.0 is 100% Made in the USA, and production is tightly controlled to ensure reliability. Add the NWUAV Fuel Injection System with our Power Generation System for a complete Propulsion System Package.

Features include:

  • Multiple engine types supported (single & twin cylinder reciprocating, Rotary Wankel, 4-stroke or2-stroke)
  • EMI Shielded
  • Programmable In/out
  • Data logging
  • Mil Spec Connectors
  • Inputs include; IAT, BARO, MAP, O2 sensor, TPS, CHT, EGT, coolant temp, fuel temperature, fuel pressure.

Quiet UAV Muffler

Quiet UAV Mufflers

The NWUAV muffler is designed to solve two technical problems inherent in current muffler designs: excessive noise and air flow blockages within the structure of the muffler. NWUAV has beat out several competitors with an in house muffler design that is currently being staged for deployment in the ScanEagle and Integrator UAV’s.

The unique design results in:

  • lower fuel consumption
  • lower noise
  • higher power

Mobile Engine Test Stand

Mobile Engine Test Stand

Northwest UAV’s Mobile Engine Test Stand is a turn-key solution for Development & Testing of UAV Engines in the field or in the lab. Various types of engines can be accommodated with the addition of a adaptor kit, so one Test Stand operates multiple engine types. The NWUAV Test Stand offers users the ability to tune engines to their specific operating region; at sea level, in the Arctic, desert environments or in the mountains of Afghanistan. This ensures successful operation and minimizes aircraft loss due to engine failure.

NWUAV proprietary software is developed for use with LabVIEW Data acquisition software, and can be configured for multiple engine systems.

The Mobile Test Stand includes everything needed in a turn-key package; including operators manual and on-site training.

Pegasus Servo Actuator

Pegasus Servo Actuators

Pegasus Servo Actuators are made in Germany and currently installed on multiple UAS platforms. NWUAV is now a full line distributor of Pegasus Brand Servo Actuators in the United States.

NWUAV’s Engineering Team will analyze your requirement, and recommend a COTS or custom solution that will out-perform lower grade servo actuators. Our engineers will design the servo interface for any payload or propulsion system requirement.

Pegasus Servo Actuators Feature:

  • Long life gear-train service life by means of a unique oil bath lubrication system
  • Actuators are shielded to minimize EMI/RFI susceptibility and magnetic interference
  • Aerospace specified connectors
  • Available for multiple rotary & fixed wing UAV applications from 30 up to 1000 lbs. MTOW
  • Servo Actuators are available for operating voltage of 18-32 Volts, with alternative voltage available on request.
Rotron 300
Propeller System