NW-44 EFI Left Side NW-44 Approved for Export

NWUAV NW-44 EFI Multi-Fuel (Heavy-Fuel/Gas) Engine

NWUAV purpose-built NW-44 EFI Multi-Fuel UAV engine is designed for unmanned aircraft systems, portable power generation and large scale RC Hobby aircraft. The UAV HFE is designed for use in high altitude/long endurance aircraft.

The NW-44 EFI is one of the most easily configurable small UAV engines on the market today. With all the extra features built into this engine you will be flying faster and quieter at any altitude.

The NW-44 EFI is manufactured entirely in the USA to ensure engine/system availability in the future.

NW-44 Multi-Fuel Engine

NW-44 EFI Right Side

NW-44 Multi-Fuel Engine Features and Benefits:

  • The NW-44 EFI is intended to gain STANAG 4671 and FAA certification. Typical civilian uses include monitoring climate changes and forest fires, mapping glaciers, and in local police enforcement work.
  • This NW-44 EFI is scalable for use in various classes of aircraft with multiple fuel types and incorporates materials not available with COTS engine designs. These advanced materials incorporate characteristics needed for lighter weight and better performing engines when utilizing heavy-fuels (JP5, JP8).
  • The NW-44 EFI can be scaled with multiple cylinder configurations giving them flexibility beyond designs currently available. Incorporating NWUAV’s Fuel Injection System and Variable Pitch Propeller (scalable up to 60 hp), the NW-44 EFI will dramatically enhance engine system performance.

NW-44 EFI Front View

The NW-44 EFI was designed to be a FAA Certifiable Engine for UAV’s less than 55lbs. The “Made in the USA” engine core and sub system components alleviate ITAR and end of life concerns as well as the pending FAA Certification requirements.


  • The NW-44 EFI accepts a custom 250 watt direct drive generator with a 6/12/28 volt GCU. The waterproof ECU controls engine speed via a direct drive servo mounted to the throttle body which incorporates a micro atomizing fuel injector, MAP, barometric, CHT and intake air temperature sensors, as well as heavy fuel cold start provisions.
  • The ECU Data Acquisition System (DAQ) contains 1 GB of storage for logging standard engine parameters and provides a dedicated CAN or serial bus communication for external devices such as autopilots and avionics.
  • The cylinder head incorporates twin spark plugs fired by dual 25kv ignition coils and features a secured cap provision with appropriate shielding.
  • NWUAV’s lightweight muffler integrates proprietary designs, allowing very low detectability.

Multiple cylinder and generator output configurations available to fit customer hp, electrical output and overall weight requirements.

The NW-44 EFI is manufactured entirely in the USA to ensure engine/system availability in the future.


Engine Core Weight  ~ 1100 grams
Complete System Weight Call for information
Displacement 43.6 cc
Bore 38.99 mm
Stroke 36.53 mm
Max Power/~8150 RPM 4.1 hp1
Max Torque 2.8 lb-ft
Max Generator Power/4500 RPM 250 Watts
Configurable Generator Outputs 6/12/28 VDC
Fuel System Electronic Fuel Injection
Fuel Type Gas/JP-5/JP-8
Best BSFC @ Cruise RPM/~4500 RPM ~0.615 lb/hp-hr
Ignition Twin 25kv CDI
ECU Storage 1 GB storage
Cooling/ServoTemp Controlled Air
TBO 500 hrs2
Please note specifications above are dependent upon airframe design.
1 Dependent on cylinder and propeller arrangement selected.
2 Dependent on operating conditions.


NWUAV Heavy Fuel Engine Operation