Mobile Test Stand Main Control Screen

Mobile Engine Test Stand

The Northwest UAV Mobile Test Stand can be used to operate, test, develop and record engine performance data for various engine configurations. Engine configurations can accommodate twin cylinder, single cylinder, and rotary engines.

The Mobile Engine Test Stand is customizable to meet the application and testing required.


Mobile Engine Test Stand

Mobile Engine Test Stand Hardware

  • Inside the Mobile Test Stand there is access to the battery, fuel system, data acquisition units, power supply blower system and laptop, with space for engine storage.
  • A Power/Data Acquisition box contains all the power supply components and data acquisition units, which provide the interface between the engine sensors, stand sensors, starter and the laptop software.
  • The main power panel provides power to the run stand using an external 240-volt power, and includes a main on/ off switch, and there are two 110-volt outlets.
  • The propeller guard is removable and installs on the back of the stand. computer access.

Mobile Engine Test Stand Capabilities

The following are some of the analysis and testing that can be performed:

  • UAV engine tuning and pre-flight qualification
  • Engine durability testing
  • Engine endurance testing
  • Engine performance testing
  • Exhaust analyzers – 5 gas
  • Fuel flow transmitters – minimum 1cc/min
  • Engine fuel mapping
  • In-Cylinder pressure mapping @ 100 KHz when properly equipped (custom option)
  • FAR 33 endurance testing

Mobile Engine Test Stand Software

The LabVIEW NWUAV DAQ software included with the laptop is used to control and monitor the running engine, and can be configured for specific engine and/or targeted diagnostic tests. The software screens are comprised of the Main Control, Channel Properties, and Un-Scaled Values pages, and are used to customize, control, monitor and record the run test.

  • The Main Control page displays control bars for both the right and left cylinder head temperatures, and the blower fan speed which can be adjusted to cool the engine during operation. The data display provides the information on the running engine, and can be configured from the Channel Properties page.
  • Channel Properties page is used to configure the engine parameters and data to be displayed on the Main Control page.
  • Un-Scaled Values Page displays the raw voltage from the engine sensors before scaling of voltage is accomplished on the Channel Properties page.
Mobile Engine Test Stand Back View