RCV Engines UAV 4-stroke Twin-cylinder and Single-cylinder

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle 4-Stroke, Single & Twin Cylinder RCV Rotary Engines

NWUAV is proud to announce the availability of the RCV Rotary Engine engineering and architecture for small UAV engine applications in the 1kW to 6kW range.

RCV Engines can be configured for multiple applications. Utilizing a patented rotary valve 4-stroke engine technology, these engines are available for unmanned aerial vehicles, micro power generation, and other defense and civilian uses.

These RCV single and twin cylinder engines are easy to calibrate and will provide consistent performance. Under controlled operating conditions there is minimal carbonization operating on heavy-fuels, making them a perfect choice for small to midsize drone engine applications.

The newest engine is the RCV20 Inline. A 4-stroke heavy-fuel micro engine, designed to replace battery powered UAV systems and significantly extend flight range beyond 8 hours.

The RCV Rotary Engine architecture
can be configured to achieve:

  • Flight Durability: 400 Hours
  • Power-To-Weight: 1 hp/lb
  • Fuel Efficiency: 0.5 lb/hp hr
RCV DF70LW RCV70 Twin Cylinder Engine

RCV Rotary Engine Options & Features:

  • Dual ignition
  • Clockwise or anticlockwise rotation
  • Cooling fan and shrouds for helicopter use
  • Generator
  • Multi-fuel operation
  • Fuel Injection
  • Side starting
  • Twin cylinder engines can run on a single cylinder in limp home mode
  • Muffler and Airbox designs available for low acoustic signature

With RCV Engines you can utilize a COTS solution or configure these small engines for specific UAV platform or drone application.


  RCV20/Single Cylinder Engine RCV35/Single Cylinder Engine RCV70/Twin Cylinder Engine
Manufacturer RCV Limited Engines
Engine Type Rotary Valve, Spark Ignition, 4-Stroke
Cooling Air Cooling
Lubrication JASO-FD Type FD 2-Stroke Oil Ratio 20:1
Fueling Low Pressure Manifold Injection with Altitude Compensation
Heavy-Fuel Starting Cold Start Assisted with Installed Cartridge Heaters
Capacity 20cc 35cc 70cc
Speed Range 2,000 to 10,000 RPM
Power (JP8) 1.0kW (1.3 hp) at 9,000 RPM 2.0kW (2.7 hp) at 8,500 RPM 4.0kW (5.4 hp) at 8,500 RPM
Fuel (JP8) Consumption 350 g/kW.hr (0.58 lb/hp.hr) 350 g/kW.hr (0.58 lb/hp.hr) 330 g/kW.hr (0.54 lb/hp.hr)
Weighted Control 0.9 Kg (2 lbs)1 1.9 Kg (4.2 lbs)2 2.7 Kg (5.9 lbs)2
TBO-VTOL 150 hours
TBO-Fixed Wing 300 hours
Capacity Range 10 cc to 20 cc 25 cc to 35 cc 50 cc to 70 cc

1Projected core engine weight. Weight does not include generator, propeller, ECU or fuel pump.
2Weight includes full engine assembly ready to run with fuel system, ignition, ECU and exhaust. Weight does not include propeller, generator or any cowling.

RCV RCV20 Inline Single Cylinder Engine
RCV DF35 RCV35 Single Cylinder Engine