NW-44 EFI Multi-Fuel (Heavy-Fuel/Gas) Engine and NW-38

UAV Engines and
Propulsion Systems

NWUAV builds small engines for the UAV industry. These engines can be built to your specifications, or you can use a NWUAV purpose-built solution.

We will provide everything including an engine with accessories, to a complete propulsion system including; break-in and technical control data for the aircraft system. NWUAV systems include solutions for unmanned vehicles of all types -- in the air, on land, or in the sea.

We excel in high volume production management and build-to-print propulsion system manufacturing. At NWUAV our engines are warranted free from craftsmanship defects for 1 year.

We provide FAR 33 endurance testing services and complete technical analysis of the results. NWUAV can test your propeller and propeller system using our small engine dyno and run room in accordance with FAR
Part 35.

We also build accessories for small engines, such as generators, electrical wiring bundles, inlet duct systems, shrouds, cowls, fuel tanks, and Variable Pitch Propeller Systems.

Engine Expertise:

  • Electrical assembly
  • Carbon fiber propeller design and manufacturing
  • Propeller Design and manufacturing
  • Noise and torque characterization utilizing our propeller dyno
  • Engine vibration isolation and characterization
  • Engine design
  • Generator and Generator Control Unit Design
  • Environmental testing with altitude, temperature and humidity control up to 40,000 feet
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