Rotron 300 Rotary Engine

Rotron RT 300, RT 300HFE, RT 350RPC & RT 600 Rotary UAV Engines

The Rotron Rotary UAV Engine Line features a revolutionary single-motor design. The Wankel cycle engine is a 4-stroke rotary engine, making it smaller, more fuel efficient, more powerful and more reliable than other equivalent piston engines.

The revolutionary Rotron Rotary UAV engine is considerably smaller, lighter, and contains fewer moving parts than piston engines of equivalent power output. Every engine is fine-tuned to its optimum operating efficiency and safety levels before shipment. If your application requires a different power configuration but needs to keep the same package size, custom options are available to fit your needs.

All Roton Rotary Engines Feature:

  • High power-to-weight ratio with increased efficiency
  • Compact package size allows greater fuel and payload flexibility for multi-mission capability
  • Low levels of torsional vibration and zero radial vibration at mid-to-high rpm range
  • Fuel injection and ECU controlled altitude compensation fitted as standard
  • Higher endurance lifecycle
  • Available in pusher or tractor (puller) configurations, with either direct or reduction drive
  • Made in the USA

Rotron Rotary UAV Engine Configurations

RT300 - 32HP

The Rotron 300 is a compact, single rotor engine that utilizes the most advanced rotary technology and premium materials to produce industry leading performance in a lightweight, reliable and efficient package.The Rotron 300 11.7kg and delivers a continuous 32hp. This engine comes standard with fuel injection and altitude compensation. The Rotron 300 rotary engine runs with low levels of torsional vibration and zero radial vibration at mid-to-high rpm range.


The Rotron 300 30hp is for use with JP5, JP8 and Jet A1 heavy fuel.


The Rotron 350RPC rotary engine provides significant improvement in engine longevity and performance due to Rotron's Pressurised Cooling (RPC) system and efficient lubrication. With around 75% reduction in oil consumption the Rotron 350RPC provides best-in-class power-to-weight ratio with increased maximum continuous power at high rpm.


This compact, twin rotor engine performss at low levels of torsional vibration and zero radial vibration at mid-to-high rpm range.

Rotron Engine Specifications

  RT300-32hp RT300HFE-30hp RT350RPC-62hp RT600-66hp
Manufacturer Rotron
Engine Type Single Rotor, Spark Ignition Twin Rotor, Spark Ignition
Max Continuous 32hp @ 7500 rpm 30hp @ 7500 rpm 62hp @ 7500 rpm 66hp @ 7500 rpm
Power-To-Weight-Ratio 2.7hp/ kg 2.6hp/ kg 2.5hp/ kg 3.1hp/ kg
Displacement 300cc 300cc 350cc 600cc
Max Torque 24 lbs/ft @ 6500 rpm 24 lbs/ft @ 6500 rpm 44.7 lbs/ft @ 6500 rpm 51 lbs/ft @6500 rpm
Block Weight* 25.79 lbs/11.7 kg  25.79 lbs/11.7 kg 53.57 lbs/24.3 kg 44.97 lbs/20.4 kg
Fuel Type Gasoline/AV GAS JP5/JP8/JET A1 Gasoline/AV GAS Gasoline/AV GAS
Starting Device** Onboard/External
Maximum RPM*** 7800 rpm
Compression Ratio 9.6:1 8.6:1 9.6:1 9.6:1
Cooling Liquid Cooled Liquid Cooled Liquid Cooled | Oil Recycling RPC System Liquid Cooled
Fuel Consumption
@ 5500rpm cruise
0.54 lbs/per HP/ per hour 0.575 lbs/per HP/ per hour 0.6 lbs/per HP/
per hour
0.53 lbs/per HP/ per hour
Min/Max Ambient Temperature -40 to 50oC
Generator Included 300W 3-phase 14.2V DC Regulator 300W 3-phase 14.2V DC Regulator 3kw Alternator Integrated 300W 3-phase 14.2V DC Regulator
Other Features ECU Controlled Altitude Compensation

*Including standard 300W generator, optional generators available up to 3kW, weight will vary.
**Onboard starter optional.
**Maximum rpm, recommended continuous.

Rotary UAV Engine
Rotary UAV Engine